Welcome to Katrinelunds Garden

A city garden in the north of Sweden in the region of Medelpad

Katrinelund’s Garden is an inspirational garden which since summer 2019 is season open during weekends. The garden is located in Sundsvall, in the landscape Medelpad in the northern part of Sweden.

The garden was 2017 awarded the Most Beautiful Garden of the year in Sweden by the magazine Drömhem and Trädgård.

The history behind the name
The residence building was built in 1886 and named Katrinelund after the wife in the house. There is a rich local history surrounding the property, among other things Katrinelund is a origin property in the Haga residential area. Giving the garden the name Katrinelunds Garden was an easy choice as we like to lift the historical context.

An inspiring and realxed atmosphere
We want vistiors to be inspired and feel at home when they visit the garden. The atmosphere is relaxed, cosy and the garden works as a big, green living room where you can sit down and have a fika or just stop for a while and take a pause. 

The Garden
The garden is largely made up of perennials but there is also a year-round green frame in the form of cut hedges. The base of the garden is a grown-up tree that gives structure and height. A large number of flowering plants are grown in pots, including tulips in spring and dahlias in summer.

The Café
In the garden there is a cafe with homeande cookies and sourdough bread. We choose organic as much as possible.

We have our own coffee, Katrinlunds Garden coffee, a blend that comes from the classic Ido Coffee roastery, which is Sundsvall’s oldest store that still exists and has been operating in the same premises since it opened in 1931. 

The Shop
In the garden shop you find plants and garden related things for a sustainable  life in the garden.

Open in May

Saturday May 16,  12-16 
Sunday May 17,  12-16

Thursday May 21,  12 -1 6
Friday May,  12-16
Saturday May 23, 12-16
Sunday  Maj24,  12-16

Saturday May 30, 12-16
Sunday Ma 31, 12-16

Open in June

Saturday June 6,  12- 16
Sunday June 7, 12-16

Saturday June 13,  12-16
Sunday June14, 12-16

Saturday 20 June, 12-16
Söndag 21 June, 12-16

Thursday June 25,  12-17
Friday June 26, 12-17
Saturday June 27,  12-17
Sunday June 28,  12-17

Open in July

Thursday July 2,. 12-17
Friday July 3, 12-17
Saturday July 4, 12-17
Sunday July 5,. 12-17

Thursday July 9,  12-17
Friday July 10,  12-17
Saturday July 11,  12-17
Sunday July 12,  12-17

Thursday July 16, 12-17
Friday July 17,. 12-17
Saturday, July 18,  12-17
Sunday July 19, 12-17

Thursday July 23, 12-17
Friday July 24, 12-17
Saturday July 25, 12-17
Sunday July 26,. 12-17

Thursday July 30, 12-17
Friday July 31, 12-17

Open in August

Saturday August 1, 12-17
Sunday August 2,  12-17

Thursday August 6, 12-17
Friday August 7,  12-17
Saturday August 8, 12-17
Sunday August 9, 12-17

Thursday August 13, 12-17
Friday August 14,  12-17
Saturday August 15,  12-17
Sunday August 16, 12-17

Thursday August 20, 12-17
Friday August 21, 12-17
Saturday August 22,  12-17
Sunday August 23, 12-17

Thursday August 27,  12-17
Friday August 28, 12-17
Saturday August 29, 12-17
Sunday August 30, 12-17

Open in September

Saturday September 5, 12- 16
Sunday September 6,. 12-16

Saturday September 12, 12-16
Sunday September 13, 12-16

Saturday September 19, 12-16
Sunday September 20, 12-16

Saturday September 26, 12-16
Sunday September 27,  12-16

Entrence & Season ticket

Which is the entrance fee?
Entrence: 40 SEK (free up to 18 yrs).

What does season ticket cost?
Season ticket for 2020: 120 SEK

How much does it cost to visit the garden during group visits in addition to opening hours?
For groups up to 20: SEK 1,500
For groups more than 20: 75 SEK / person
Contact: charlotte.andersson@gardenflow.se


Is the garden accessible?
Partially. The garden is on a slope with natural level differences but it is possible to get around the garden without having to go up stairs. A continuous walkway has hard ground where it works with walker and wheelchair, while different rooms in the garden have gravel floors where it is more difficult to reach with walker och wheelchair.

In wheelchair or have walker? – Contact Us!
Since there is a significant level difference between the walkway at the entrance and up to the garden, there is a staircase there. This means that the main entrance is not possible to use if you have a wheelchair or have difficulty going up stairs. Contact us before the visit and we will arrange for you to enter the garden via our private entrance instead. Call: +46 73 522 10 10 (Charlotte) or send an email: charlotte.andersson@gardenflow.se

Can I bring the dog to the garden?

No, unfortunately not. However, it is usually possible to bring the dog to the area connected to the entrance and around the garden house (but not up to the garden). Always check with us first before you bring the dog in.

Tips for long-distance visitors

Overnight at the visit
Recommended accommodations for long-distance visitors are the enchanting Hotell Knaust, which is centrally located in Sundsvall and Gaffelbyns hostel, which is near the garden on Norra Berget. Sundsvall has an unusually rich selection of restaurants. We especially recommend Udda Tapasbar, PingPong, RAW, Apa and Bloco.

Tips for visits nearby
– Sundsvall Tourist Office in Stadshuset in the city cente  (Visit Sundsvall)
– IDO Tea & Coffee Roastery, which is centrally located in Sundsvall on Nybrogatan 8
– Simons Garden Center, located in southern Sundsvall
– Vättaberget Liden, about 5 km west of Sundsvall
– Gränsfors Blomkruksfabrik in Bergsjö about 5 km south of Sundsvall

Activities tips
City walk and roof walk in our beautiful stone town. More information can be found at Visit Sundsvall


Adress  – closest adress for the garden:
Hagavägen 76 – Shell Petrol Station

How do I find the entrance to the garden
Take the footpath in the end of Shell’s parking (Hagavägen 76). The entrance to the garden is found after about 1o0 m on the walkway (Note: no entrance via Malmgatan).

Local buses to the garden

Which local buses can I take to the garden?
Bus line 5 & 120 – Bus stop: Punkten
Bus line 2 – Bus stop: Hagaskolan or Bondevägen
Bus line 85 – Bus stop: Rosenlundsgatan


Where can I park? 
We do not have our own parking spaces directly adjacent to the garden entrance. The closest opportunity to park is at Shell Point Hagavägen 76. From there it is about 100 meters walk to the garden.

We do not have our own parking spaces directly adjacent to the garden entrance. The closest possibilty to park is at Shell petrol station at Hagavägen 76. From there it is about 100 meters walk to the garden. See more information above about PARKING AND WHERE ENTRY is found.